Our company

About us

ID Energy Group is the most committed partner specialised in solar photovoltaic energy on the market. Our high specialised, multidisciplinary teams support our clients on their path to energy transition in a decisive, flexible and approachable manner. Our more than 13 years of experience specialising in solar photovoltaic energy have given us the ability to visualise possibilities and solve any challenges that come up along the way.

I+D Energías is born



I+D Energías, ranked first in Castilla-La Mancha and fifth in Spain in terms of the number of rooftop photovoltaic systems.

New Energy Efficiency business line, with a dedicated brand and over 600 projects constructed.



Move into the Hungarian market + construction of 8 photovoltaic generation systems (30.3 MW)

Move into the Lithuanian market + construction of 62 photovoltaic generation systems (142 MW)



Move into the Polish market + construction of 25 photovoltaic generation systems (25 MW)

Construction of 84 photovoltaic generation systems in Poland.



109 plants in Poland
44.77 MW in Hungary

867 MW in Hungary
1,474 MW in Poland
349.3 MW in Spain

A new,
more international brand



We move into the Italian market

New offices:

We signed the largest
corporate PPA in Hungary

Our values

The sun is our specialty

We are solar photovoltaic energy experts. This has been our focus right from our beginnings in 2008 up to the present day.

We like to generate knowledge, contribute and share what we’ve learned in this industry to transform it and drive it forward.

The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy, as is our desire to continue learning and get better every day.

Flexibility and agility in the face of any challenge

Although our company is relatively small in terms of size, we have ample experience and do great things.

We move quickly to find the best solution to any problems that come up along the way.

We create hybrid teams for your projects that include all the professionals you need from the get-go. They will be by your side throughout all stages of your project to provide expert advice and flexibility.

As we are a vertically integrated company, we can guarantee thorough monitoring, control and efficiency throughout the entire process.

A committed and honest service

A good relationship is based on honesty, and we prefer long-lasting relationships.

We are transparent, coherent, and sincere with our clients. We always look out for your best interests and give you advice that we would be happy to follow ourselves. We don’t like “high-speed” projects.

We’d rather build a solid, trusting relationship with you that’ll be win-win in the long term.

We don’t give in

No matter how far away, difficult, or forbidding the challenge or path may seem, we work to overcome it. We find solutions that nobody has even looked for. Our ambition to improve constantly drives us forward.


Change the future

We are agents of change. We believe in the power of our teams, in the power of our clients, and in the power of organisations to transform the present and create a positive future. This is the energy that moves us. We believe that sustainability and business must go hand-in-hand, and we can’t speak of progress if this is not the case.

We envisage a world where energy is created in a smart manner that doesn’t put the quality of life of future generations in jeopardy. If you share our vision of the future, you can count on us to help you be part of the change.

We do our bit: ID Energy Group has already helped avoid 350 tonnes of CO2 emissions

+ 370

MWs built

+ 3235

MWs under development



+ 200


+ 350

tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided

Our team

We believe in the value of people and work as one big family, where multidisciplinary teams support and encourage each other to go further. The intangible assets contributed by each person become highly valued tangible assets in our company. Talent is a source of value, and we place great importance on treating people in a approachable and human manner.

Benito Puebla


Julio Espadas


Guillermo Verges


Grzegorz Breczewski

General Manager Poland

Francesco Cortesi

General Manager Hungary and Southeast Europe

Zoran Pajić

Country Manager Serbia

Vedran Uran

Country Manager Croacia