New Crowdfunding action with Enerfip

On July 9 at 12:30 p.m., the third crowdfunding action by Grupo Enerfip will kick off.

The aim of this action is to raise up to 3,000,000 euros, which will finance the construction of the biogas plant in Dolice (Poland). This crowdfunding will last for 30 days, ending on August 9 at 12:30 pm.

Investment characteristics:
  • Interest rate: 8.75 % p.a. for 36 months.
  • Collateral: Pledge of 100 % of the shares of the Polish SPV, owner of the biogas plant, valued at 7,159,000 euros in investment costs.
  • Interest repayment: Semiannually.
  • Repayment of principal: At maturity.
Steps to invest in the project:
  • Register on the Enerfip website at this link: https://es.enerfip.eu/inversor/registrarse/. We recommend doing it as soon as possible, as the registration period can take between 24-48 h.
  • Once registered, you must access the DOLICE T1 project and click on the “I like this project” box, in this way you will be informed of the evolution of the project.
  • Subscribe to the broadcast, once the subscription period is open (July 9th).
  • The payment of the subscription can be made before, during or after the subscription through the payment methods available on the platform. If you decide to pay after the subscription has been made, you will have a period of several days to formalize it.

For any questions, please write to this email:  inversionistas@enerfip.es

Link to the project page: