ID Energy Group and LAFARGE sign the first ground-mounted corporate PPA of 26 MWp solar PV capacity in Hungary

This private power purchase agreements will be the first and biggest to be successfully concluded in the country

Ciudad Real, 16 March 2022 – ID Energy Group will be developing, building and operating the project located on and around the premises of LAFARGE’s factory in Királyegyháza, Hungary. LAFARGE will purchase the generated energy at a fixed price for 15 years. The size of the solar PV plant makes it one of the first and biggest private power purchase agreements to be successfully concluded in the country.

The factory is located in one of the best solar irradiation regions close to the city of Pécs in the south of Hungary. Upon energization, LAFARGE Cement Hungary Ltd. will have the opportunity to secure a third of its total electricity consumption from the solar PV plant, as part of Holcim group’s goals for renewable energy adoption and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

The project, developed by ID Energy Group together with Voltrack Holding Zrt, is planned to achieve the required permits in 2023 and reach commercial operation by the beginning of 2024.

The total investment of more than 16 million EUROS will not only be stimulating the involved local businesses but also benefiting the local community of Királyegyháza during its more than 40-year expected lifetime. 

According to Francesco Cortesi, General Manager of Hungary and Southeast Europe at ID Energy Group, “this PPA is the first step in fulfilling the company’s target to become one of the main suppliers of clean energy for industrial clients in Hungary and Southeast Europe. With the currently observed climate change impact on our world, the industrial energy consumers will have no other option than to switch to renewable energy sooner than later, which also provides security for those consumers against any future fluctuation of the electricity prices such as what we are experiencing nowadays”

“The building sector has an essential role to play to accelerate our world’s transition to net zero. The Holcim Group, which is represented by LAFARGE Cement Hungary Ltd., was the first company to have its near and long term CO2 targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative for all scope, setting the reference for our industry. With the ID Energy Group’s renewable energy-solution we are going to reach our net zero target in Scope 2. It means that we can minimize our CO2 emission regarding the energy consumption.” – said Tamás Hoffmann, Country Manager of LAFARGE Cement Hungary Ltd. about the cooperation.

The cement industry’s CO2 emissions can be understood through three different scopes: Scope 1 includes all direct emissions. It is at the core of LAFARGE’s strategy and accounts for 75% of its footprint. Scope 2 includes indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity consumed in the company’s owned or controlled equipment. It accounts for 5% of its carbon footprint. Scope 3 emissions include other indirect emissions such as the extraction and production of purchased materials and fuels, and transportation. It accounts for 20% of LAFARGE’s carbon footprint.

More about ID Energy Group:

Since it was founded in 2008, ID Energy Group — a corporate group specialising in photovoltaic energy— has grown both in Spain and further afield, and is now one of the most important players in the renewable energy sector. It now has more than 130 employees and a strong international presence, with offices in Spain, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Serbia. What’s more, the company is currently breaking into the Italian market.


More about LAFARGE Cement Hungary Ltd.:

LAFARGE Cement Hungary Ltd. provides an unique solution for the building industry. LAFARGE employs around 150 people and its net sales was more than 26 billion HUF in 2021.

LAFARGE has one cement plant in Királyegyháza and one clay and limestone quarry in Bükkösd. The Királyegyháza Cement Plant has been working with most modern available technology since 2011 and has become one of the major producers of cement with its solutions for the construction industry.  LAFARGE brings to the market differentiated and innovative products – both in bag and bulk – to meet new customer and end-user needs. For its professional work LAFARGE was awarded the Business Superbrands Award in 2019.

LAFARGE was also recognized with the Energy Sufficient Award (2019) for what it has achieved on the field of environment protection and circular economy. Besides that, LAFARGE’s aim is to support the local community as well, therefore it organizes different volunteering activities and implemented its Social Value Program. As a socially responsibe company LAFARGE was awarded with a Social Responsible Award in 2021 and also with the Responsible Employer of the year in 2021.


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