I+D Energías announces its change of brand to ID Energy Group

Sustainability, digitalization, and internationalisation are the strategic lines pursued by this company, which has increased its turnover ten-fold over the last decade and is currently going through one of the most important periods in its history

Ciudad Real, 15 July 2021. Today, I+D Energías — a company specialising in photovoltaic energy — has presented its new brand image that aims to strengthen the company at a global level.

With the slogan “Beyond Solar Power”, this corporate group, which is now known as ID Energy Group, aims to symbolize the change of era it is currently going through. “This brand transition is the living reflection of the growth and internationalization that I+D Energías has achieved over the course of its 13-year history. The reason behind this change is to strengthen our image at a global level. We are focused on moving into international markets, which is why our name must reflect the internationalisation process we are currently working on”, stated Benito Puebla, the company’s CEO.

In addition to a renewed image, ID Energy Group upholds its commitment to make a positive contribution to society and the planet through the sustainability inherent to its activity, and reaffirms its values: expertise, agility, flexibility, honesty, improvement, and innovation.

As a result of this transformation on all levels, which covers a new image, a new website, new resources, and the move into new markets, ID Energy Group has presented a new, simpler, more updated, and more international corporate image.

The update of the company’s logo represents a radical transformation that allows us to adapt to the new needs of the digital world. What’s more, it brings together three important elements for our business: the sun as our star energy, the flower as a nod to the environment, and our specialty, the solar panel. All of these elements come together to form a simple isotype.

ID Energy Group is a second-generation family company founded in 2008 that is specialised in the photovoltaic energy sector. This corporate group, which has progressively grown and developed in the world of renewable energies, currently has 120 employees, as well as offices in Spain, Poland, Hungary, and Lithuania, and is moving into the Latin-American market.

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