Crowndfunding campaign for projects in Hungary

After the great success of our first crowdfunding campaign, we are proud to announce the launch of our second financial action.

Our objective of raising up to 4 million euros that will allow us financing the construction of 5 ID Energy Group solar parks in Hungary, with a combined capacity of 5.4 MWp. The acquisition period will begin on October 17th at 2:30pm and it could be active for 30 days.

For full information about this project, please click on this link Evacaedum, inversión Fotovoltaico. Invierte tu dinero (enerfip.eu)

What are the investment characteristics?
  • Fixed interest rate: 8.5% per year.
  • Type of Investment: Bonds / Simple Obligations.
  • Investment term: 18 months.
  • Interest payment: first annual payment, and the rest at term.
  • Investment amount: You can invest from 10 euros.
If I am interested, what do I have to do to be able to invest?
  • Register on the Enerfip website at this link: https://es.enerfip.eu/inversor/registrarse/. We recommend doing it as soon as possible, since the registration period can last between 24-48 hours.
  • Once registered, you must access the EVACAEDUM project: Evacaedum, inversión Fotovoltaico. Invierte tu dinero (enerfip.eu) and press the “I like this Project” box, in this way you will be informed of the evolution of the project.
  • Subscribe to the issue, once the subscription period has opened. (October 17th)
  • The payment of the subscription can be made before, during or after having made the subscription through the means of payment available on the platform. If the payment is decided to be made after having made the subscription, they will have a period of several days to formalize it.

For any questions, write to this email: inversores@enerfip.es